Haunted Houses in Athens GA

Athens Georgia is a wonderful community of diverse and welcoming people. While Halloween trick or treating can be hit and miss amongst the bible belt's neighborhoods, no one can deny the excitement the cool and windy nights of October's fall nights.


The history of haunted houses in the Athens area

Athens Georgia haunted houses go back to the 1970s. The haunts have appeared in outlet malls, run down houses, sports stadiums, old established farms, and of course woods. While there have been many spooky attractions over the years, only one, Zombie Farms, has lasted over five years. Operating and managing a seasonal Halloween attraction like a haunted house or scary trail is difficult. Expenses are high, attracting actors for only one month is challenging, people of the Athens area don't have a history of visiting these October attractions, and all it takes is rain and the night is ruined. All for a business that only opens less than a dozen nights a year. The result is not many can withstand the stress.


General Questions and History

What is a Haunted House?

A haunted house is a theatrical decorated dark path traditionally through a building which people walk through in groups and are startled by scare actors. Common features are strobe lights, low lighting, fog machines, sound effect devices, and animatronics.


Is it like a corn maze?

A corn maze is very different in nature. A corn maze generally has no actors but may have staff to assist you through your navigation of the maze. Corn mazes seldom have theatrical sets or special effects. For most adults, once you've walked through one corn maze then you've walked through them all. From the inside they are virtually all identical.

History of Haunted Houses

Some say the history of haunted attractions started in Egypt. They had many customs involving mazes, dark imagery and festivities. In the US the tradition started with traveling carnivals in the early 1900s. The first official haunted house was credited as being at the Edwardian fair called the "0Orton and Spooner Ghost House". The Disney Haunted Mansion opened in the 1960s. The 1970s witnessed a nationwide growth of local haunted houses usually run as non-profits for organizations such as the Jaycees. The slasher movies of the 1980s created many memorable characters that are still seen in haunts to this day.

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Haunted House Enthusiasts

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